My mission statement

The times we are working in now need a great deal of accelerated change and there must be no negotiating that down. So my mission statement for this part of my consultancy career is to be clear that there needs to be and will be a lot of change from the work that I do with individuals and organisations and if organisations don’t want that, then it is probably best to go somewhere else.

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Engaging employees: The Circle example

Filed Under (Employee ownership, Reform of the NHS, Third party provision) by Paul on 19-09-2011

Long term readers of the blog will remember the Health White Paper statement from July 2010 when the Coalition Government made the extravagant promise, on page 36, that “Our ambition is to create the largest and most vibrant social enterprise sector in the world”

Admittedly this was written when they were having a revolutionary moment (an approach that has since been overwhelmed by layers of fear and conservatism) but it is still an important and interesting aim to think about. Read the rest of this entry »

Employees: – thinking and act as owners do

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If some of this post reads oddly it’s because it reports on a seminar that was held under Chatham House rules. These rules mean members of the seminar are not allowed to say what someone said at the seminar but you are allowed to say that it was said. This allows people to say what they think without fear of attribution leading to a consequently free-er discussion.
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