My mission statement

The times we are working in now need a great deal of accelerated change and there must be no negotiating that down. So my mission statement for this part of my consultancy career is to be clear that there needs to be and will be a lot of change from the work that I do with individuals and organisations and if organisations don’t want that, then it is probably best to go somewhere else.

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Just what was the BMA opposing in 1948?

Filed Under (Aneurin Bevan, BMA, Health Policy) by Paul on 30-04-2012

A couple of weeks ago I reiterated the position that I often take about the BMA – the one that reminds us all that in February 1948 over 90% of the BMA said that they, as doctors, would not be a part of the NHS. Then, in July of the same year over 90% of GPs joined. Read the rest of this entry »